Viva Energy Australia is on track to open its first hydrogen fueling station


The company has made further progress with plans to build a facility to serve commercial transport fleets late next year.

Viva Energy has made significant progress in the development of its hydrogen fueling station. The company is looking to serve Australia’s largest commercial transport fleets with the new facility which is expected to be operational by the end of 2023 in Geelong.

The company has placed orders for a 2.5 MW electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen and a fast-filling hydrogen delivery system capable of serving multiple vehicles at once. The equipment is expected to be delivered by the third quarter of next year as the first of its kind for the Australian market.

The electrolyser will use renewable electricity to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen while recycled water will be supplied by Barwon Water’s North Water Plant. Nel Hydrogen US, a subsidiary of Norwegian Nel ASA, will supply the containerized electrolyser together with local partner ENGV.

The company is also partnering with Air Liquide to provide a “rapid” refueling package designed to support at least 10 trucks or buses consecutively. The system will be able to distribute 300 kg. Hydrogen in just two hours, which will give Viva Energy’s alternative fuels customers a similar experience to traditional refueling.

Viva will be able to generate and deliver more than 1,000 kg of green hydrogen daily, which can power a fleet of at least 15 heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The first site should launch the project to build new hydrogen stations from Geelong and Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane.

Viva Energy announced plans to build a hydrogen mobility network across Australia in March this year. The company is looking to set up several service stations that can offer customers alternative fuel while also charging electric vehicles. This will help bring together zero-emission technologies to support Australia’s energy transition.

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