The New Wave Solar Powered Gas Station in Tanzania


Tanzania’s first solar-powered gas station was recently launched in Dar es Salaam by TotalEnergies Marketing.

The solar station along Samora Avenue in downtown Dar es Salaam is part of a larger plan by TotalEnergies to integrate solar power into 5,000 service stations in 57 countries. They plan to install solar panels at 1,000 gas stations each year, in line with their climate ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Managing Director of TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania, Jean-François Schoepp: “It is with great honor and pride that we are here today to reveal our milestone and our ambition as the first petroleum marketing company in Tanzania to have solarized service stations, which is in line with our climate ambition to have net zero carbon emissions and a reflection of our transition from Total Tanzania to TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania.

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Eleven solar stations are in the coastal region, six in the southern highlands, four in the northern highlands and three in the lakes area, he said.

The oil company intends to solarize up to 68 service stations by the end of 2022 as well as its industrial sites such as its Dar es Salaam terminal and its lubricating oil blending plant. The company foresees an eventual production of nearly 900 KW of solar electricity per year.

Tanzanian Energy Minister January Makamba was excited that Tanzanians might eventually be able to fill up on the sun at the gas station.

“We are even more excited to witness the power generation that will result from solarizing your gas stations and hope that in the future, TotalEnergies, in conjunction with the Department of Energy, will facilitate the generation and providing more energy using the natural sources of energy that we have in the country such as wind, water, biomass and natural gas,” Makamba said.


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