The gasoline-diesel error of French service stations is costing customers dearly


About forty Charentais motorists were affected by the error of a fuel supplier who filled petrol tanks with diesel fuel and diesel fuel tanks at a Géant Casino service station.

By the time the error was discovered, several customers at the Champniers service station had already filled up their cars, which had by then broken down.

A customer, Laëtitia, was thinking of buying E10, but was actually putting diesel in her car.

“I was able to take my daughter to Ruffec, about 40 km away, but after that, the car no longer wanted to drive,” she says. Charente free.

The Géant Casino agency closed the pumps as soon as it was informed by customers of the breakdowns.

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The gas station‘s fuel tanks were also cleaned the following day before being reopened the following day.

Any person concerned by the error must contact their insurer, but also Casino, at the email address: [email protected] mentioning the file number CA2022400785.

They must attach an image of their receipt or bank statement reflecting their fuel purchase.

Customers can also call 05 45 22 44 00 for further assistance.

A local mechanic added that putting the wrong fuel in a car can “blow the spark plugs and cause very serious engine damage”.

It will usually cost someone “$300-$400” to drain the gas tank, but much more if the engine has also been damaged.

Géant Casino stressed that this type of error is “extremely rare” and that it “apologizes[sed]for the inconvenience caused to customers, who are invited to go to the store to “benefit from a commercial gesture”.

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