Takapuna gasometer site for sale


The Central Takapuna gasometer site is currently used for car parking. Photo / Supplied

A large Auckland North Shore real estate known as The Gasometer Site, which straddles two blocks in Takapuna’s central business district, has been put on the market for potential sale to a preferred buyer.

The 2,813m² site, with facades on Huron, Auburn and Northcroft streets, is featured in Bayleys’ Total Property portfolio magazine and is sold through a registration of interest process ending at 4 p.m. August 16.

“The site has been identified as constituting a strategic element of the future landscape of Takapuna,” explains Daryl Devereux, who markets the property with colleagues from Bayley, Gerald Rundle and Ranjan Unka.

“The intention of the registration of interest phase of the sales process is to identify a shortlist of parties with the appropriate background, capacity, financial standing and vision to undertake a redevelopment of the gasometer site, which is aligned with the Council’s vision for Takapuna, “says Rundle.

Devereux states that a number of design principles and associated specific design requirements have been applied to the gasometer site to ensure that a selected development supports a successful urban Takapuna.

The site is classified as a metropolitan center within the framework of the Auckland unitary plan in force in the superposition of the C sub-enclosure of Takapuna 1.

“The Metropolitan Center zoning which applies to the Gazomètre site offers exceptional development opportunities and is only surpassed by the Downtown zoning in terms of options for economic activities, residential densification, public facilities and accessibility to public transport, ”says Devereux. “High-rise buildings will be encouraged on the site, where the opportunities are limitless.

“Takapuna’s vision is based on increasing density in a sustainable and strategic manner; the implementation of high-quality urban design with civic amenities and good access to community facilities, including parks and public transport. “

Unka says there are specific design requirements for any high quality building on the Huron / Auburn / Northcroft Sts location.

These include having “dynamic commercial premises” on the ground floor, improving pedestrian access around the perimeter of the site, creating energy-efficient housing in a range of sizes and prices. , and create a structure that would be seen as a series of towers or a single tower.

This aerial view shows the gasometer site bordered by Huron, Auburn and Northcroft streets.  Photo / Supplied
This aerial view shows the gasometer site bordered by Huron, Auburn and Northcroft streets. Photo / Supplied

“An elegant form with architecture that reflects the community vibe of Takapuna’s seaside is the desired result,” said Unka.

Adjacent to the site offered for sale there are separate plans for the construction of a new more efficient parking lot to replace an existing parking lot.

Devereux says the gasometer land is owned by Auckland Council and is an integral part of the planned redevelopment of the Takapuna center by Panuku Development Auckland. Panuku is the Auckland Council’s urban redevelopment agency.

“In leading the redevelopment of downtown Takapuna, Panuku has a strong interest in The Gasometer site and wishes to retain an ongoing oversight role in the development of the property.

“As part of an” ethics of partnership “to develop the site, Panuku offers assistance with requests for authorization of resources for the site, participates in steering groups and project groups, and completes a subdivision that will see land allocated to a new parking lot. “

He says the legal boundaries of the Huron / Auburn / Northcroft St block are currently realigned and new certificates of title are being issued to create three new lots.

Takapuna’s classification as a metropolitan center in the Auckland Unitarian Plan means its residential development capacity has been increased to accommodate up to 21,500 people, compared to 7,500 people recorded as living in the inner city and areas peripherals during the 2013 census.

The former Auckland Gas Company site was originally built for gas storage in the heart of Takapuna in 1915.

The gas was crosslinked to the Takapuna site from the Auckland Gas Company’s Devonport site – via a high pressure pipe from the company’s Beaumont Street plant across from Victoria Park.

Rundle says that once all interest listings are received from potential buyers, a prequalification process will begin, with a view that a potential final buyer will be selected in November and a development agreement signed by early 2019.

“Additional information from respondents, as well as explanations of their vision of the site, may be requested.”

Daryl Devereux, Gerald Rundle, Ranjan Unka of Bayleys.
Daryl Devereux, Gerald Rundle, Ranjan Unka of Bayleys.


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