Sunyani GOIL gas station is not closed – Bono NPA Manager


National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Bono regional manager Kwadwo Odarno Appiah has refuted claims that the Goil petrol station near the Eusbett hotel in Sunyani has been closed.

Rather, he explained, it was two nozzles at the station that were locked down during a random drill held to check for malfeasance in the distribution of fuel to the general public.

Mr Appiah said it was also not true that an Engen filling station near the Bono Regional Coordinating Council had been closed because, apart from the four nozzles which had been locked, other were still working.

He added that during his random checks, it was found that one of the nozzles at the Goil gas station was dispensing too much fuel to its customers to the detriment of the station.

Speaking to Graphic Online over reports of three petrol stations in Sunyani being closed, Mr Appiah however said all eight nozzles at Frimps petrol station in Penkwase had been locked down for under-delivery of fuel to customers.

He said that although the Frimps petrol station would not be allowed to sell fuel for a while, it could operate to sell other products such as lubricants to its customers.


Mr. Appiah explained that the NPA would impose a fine of at least GH¢5,000.00 for each blocked nozzle.

“Depending on the seriousness of the situation in each of the service stations, the managers would be required to sign a bond of good conduct.

According to Mr Appiah, the officials of the oil marketing companies should have let their mechanics repair the locked nozzles, after which the Ghana Standards Authority would carry out an inspection to verify their authenticity.

He said that even after certification by the GSA, the NPA would have to carry out its own checks before the locked nozzles are unlocked.


Mr Appiah advised drivers to be vigilant when going to the petrol station to ensure they got the correct value for the amount of money they asked for.

He added that it was also important for drivers to prompt attendants to ensure they are served with the correct product they have requested, whether gasoline and not diesel or diesel and not fuel.

Mr Appiah urged drivers to demand receipts from petrol station attendants every time they bought fuel so they could argue a scam.

He said the report should be made within 48 hours as further delays would make it impossible for the NPA to carry out investigations to determine whether a complaint was cheated or not.

Consumer interest

Mr Appiah said Section 2 of the NPA, Act 691 (2005), mandated the authority to protect consumer interests and monitor service providers.

He said it was on this basis that a Bono regional office of the NPA organized an education program for drivers and traders at Nana Bosoma market last Wednesday.

He said the exercise was also used to educate market women on the handling of gas cylinders and the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).


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