“Residents and businesses spend 5.3t Naira on fossil fuels every year” | The Guardian Nigeria News


The Lagos State government said residents and businesses in the state spend an estimated N5.3 trillion naira a year on fossil fuels due to low electricity supply from the national grid.

The Environment and Water Resources Commissioner, Mr. Tunji Bello, said the average daily cost of alternative electricity generation by residents and businesses through diesel or gasoline generators is estimated at 14, 4 billion naira a day.

Bello, speaking at Lagos State’s first climate change business meeting with members of the organized private sector, said the statistics came from the greenhouse gas emissions inventory carried out by the department to determine the impact of emissions on the environment in the state.

He lamented that reliance on alternative energy sources to fossil fuels exacerbates the state’s vulnerability to the effects of climate change.

The Commissioner, represented by the Permanent Secretary of the Environmental Services Bureau, Mr. Gaji Omobolaji Tajudeen, further said that the study also showed that the energy sector was the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. tight.

Bello said the amount of electricity supplied to the state from the national grid is still low, as the state receives less than 12,000 MWh per day from the national grid, which is about 6.25%.

“When we compare the generator cost of N130/KWh with a grid cost of N50/KWh, the cost associated with burning fossil fuels by residents and state businesses for daily power generation is estimated at a staggering sum of N14.4b per day and N5.3tr per year. This value currently being spent on non-renewable energy sources can be channeled to renewable sources with potential savings realized,” he said.

Bello urged the private sector to work with the state government in mobilizing support and resources for the update of the Climate Action Plan, launched by the state in 2021 with the aim of achieving sustainable development. low-carbon and climate-resilient socio-economic sustainability.

Director of Environmental Planning, Mr Bankole Michael, said the business meeting, a prelude to the annual Environment Summit to be held in July, aimed to galvanize private sector collaboration to address the challenges of climate change. for the common good of all.

He noted that collective action on environmental sustainability was of the utmost importance to safeguard healthy life, preserve the ecosystem for economic prosperity and engender socio-economic development.

In her contribution, the Head of Sustainable Development, Dangote Cement, Dr. Igazeuma Okoroba commended the Lagos State Government for organizing the business meeting with the private sector, describing it as a ground-breaking action that would foster a broader collective action to address the challenges of climate change. .

She expressed her optimism that the new approach taken by the state government will bring more efficiency as it has flavor of local content on the subject, while saying that Dangote Group’s operations will continue to grow. apply environmental responsibility and lead advocacy for environmental sustainability. Representatives of several other corporations also affirmed their continued commitment to environmental sustainability.


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