Rejected projects for drive-thru and Costa Coffee service station overhaul near Kendal


Plans for a major upgrade to a gas station near Kendal have been rejected by council planners.

An application for the Prizet gas station on the A591 south of Kendal has been submitted to the South Lakeland District Council planning committee for review, with proposals including new electric vehicle charging points and drive-thru Costa Coffee.

But the development, which had already been turned down in a previous and larger form, was rejected by the committee, despite the number of parking spaces reduced from 44 to 31.

Councilor Janette Jenkinson, who represents Ulverston West, supported the continuation of the projects.

She said: “This is a great place to stop and recharge your cars.

“We’re backsliding about it if we don’t do it now.

“The Parish Council and Cumbria Highways did not object and the Tree Officer approved it along with other trees to come, and Natural England did not object either.”

However, opponents included Councilor Malcolm Lamb, who represents Ambleside and Grasmere.

He said: “This proposal is contrary to the national planning framework and the South Lakeland allocation plan; it should be refused on these grounds.

“The gas station’s characters will change anyway, so it won’t make much difference whether this site has EV charging points or not.”

Councilor David Webster, who represents Ulverston East, was also not convinced by the idea.

He said, “I’m against that, with people running their engines and drinking coffee when there is already a cafe in the local town that they could use.”

Friends of the Lake District objected on the grounds that “the plan of the proposal conflicts with the declaration of climate emergency made by SLDC”.

They said, “It will encourage people to come to the site by car and help to perpetuate the culture of travel and lifestyles by car. ”

The lobby group also argued that “across the country there are now hundreds of drive-through coffee shops; it should not be used to justify another.

The Helsington Parish Council supported the request for the refurbishment of the gas station, following the removal of offices from the original project.

The Cumbria County Council Highways Department recommended that building permit be granted as long as proper drainage could be constructed and the buildings were strong enough with a lifespan of 100 years.

The applicant said the development would create around 15 new jobs, which would likely be filled by locals.

The vote opposed the revised town planning request by seven votes to six.


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