PTSC launches CNG-only gas station


The traveling public is expected to benefit from more efficient services from the Public Transportation Services Commission (PTSC) through the launch of the commission’s own Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) service station.

The PTSC opened one of the largest CNG-only stations in the Caribbean on Wednesday.

According to PTSC President Edward Gooding, at launch, the station strategically placed on the PTSC compound in Port of Spain has several benefits, including increased efficiency, lower costs and cleaner fuel for the environment.

He said it also removes the need for PTSC buses to be externally powered:

“The increased number of buses that can be refueled at the point of sale reduces waiting time, thereby increasing our productivity.”

He said yesterday’s exercise marked the first phase of this initiative, while phase two will focus on the maintenance of government vehicles and maxi taxis.

Meanwhile, NGC/CNG Acting President Sheldon Sylvester also acknowledged the benefits of the gas station for the PTSC, as he said the company would benefit from millions of dollars in savings, as the GNC is much more cost effective than diesel.

Currently, PTSC has some 71 CNG-powered buses in its fleet.


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