Popular place of Melbourne Gasometer Hotel put up for sale


Iconic Melbourne location The Gasometer Hotel is for sale as the venue’s officials look to part ways and pursue their own plans.

According to a registration on a commercial real estate website Last updated April 15, sellers are looking for offers “in the range of $ 350,000” which is a “big discount to the actual value of the place.” It should be noted that the sale relates to the lease and not to the land on which the place is located.

“The Gasometer Hotel, located at the end of Smith Street, has played and will continue to play a central role in supporting Melbourne’s live music (and the occasional stand-up act) seven nights a week,” the listing.

In a statement provided to NME AustraliaGasometer production manager Shan Vanderwert said the sale of the venue was unrelated to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“My business partner and I have worked hard to support Melbourne’s vibrant music scene, but more recently we have increasingly focused on separate career paths and decided to end our partnership and go our separate ways. “said Vanderwert.

“It’s great to see that there is a strong interest in the place.”

As The music reports, there have been several parties interested in removing the lease from the current team.

“The Gasometer Hotel, as you probably know, is a fantastic concert venue and anyone who has shown a real interest in the place seems to aim to continue it as such,” said the agent of Lloyd Nunn business. in an article published yesterday (April 27).

“Of course, I can’t guarantee that would be the case, but such a purpose-built setup doesn’t lend it to much else.”

The gasometer closed from noon on March 23 due to increased restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic. In a Facebook post, management said they looked forward to serving customers once they were cleared to reopen, but did not mention the sale of the venue.

“We’re going to say goodbye for now, but I can’t wait to see your pretty faces on the other side.”

As most of you know, our doors are closed from 12 noon today. Thank you to our artists, patrons and collaborators for …

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The Gasometer was established in 1861 and has hosted performances for an impressive range of local and international acts.


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