Petrol prices: Grantham petrol station charges over £2 a liter


Some petrol stations are charging over £2 a liter for fuel as prices continue to soar. The cost of filling an average family car hit £100 for the first time on June 9 and motorists are having to save money on the journeys they take.

In March 2022, the Chancellor of the Exchequer reduced fuel taxes by 5p per liter to help people facing rising prices and rising costs of living. Although this initially drove prices down, the US driving season and the ongoing war in Ukraine drove the cost of fuel to an all-time high.

A petrol station in Grantham now charges over £2 a litre. To fill up with unleaded petrol at the Moto Grantham North service area, based on the A1 Great North Road southbound, it will cost motorists 202.9 pa litre.

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For super unleaded it costs 219.9 pa liter and for diesel it costs 204.9 pa liter. This is the end of the scale, with supermarkets being more affordable, but still much higher than they were before.

Asda in Grantham charges 172.7 pa liter and petrol from Sainsburys costs 174.9 pa litre. However, many stations in the city now charge upwards of 180 pence a litre.


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