Opening of the first gas station in the Cusco region


The first gas filling station in the city of Cusco is part of a $ 5 million development plan that will install three more CNG stations in the region.

The Peruvian region of Cusco inaugurated its first service station for natural gas vehicles (NGV) last week. Located in the capital Cusco, it is the first gas filling station as part of a development plan for NGV supply infrastructure which provides for the installation of three other sites in the Cusco region: two in the city of Cusco and one in Quillamba.

The first gas filling station in Cusco, located in the San Jeronimo district, has a tank 13 meters high and a storage capacity of 80 m3 of LNG.

The development plan for the network of NGV service stations in the Cusco region will amount to more than 5 million dollars of investment, according to the actors involved. The regional government of Cusco, the Consorcio Camisea, LimaGas Natural and other companies are partners in the project.

“The era of natural gas in Camisea begins in Cusco with a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, a reduction in noise pollution by 50%, and less noise and vibrations,” said the regional governor of Cusco, Jean Paul Benavente, during the launch event of the first NGV station in Cusco.

The project also provides for the free conversion to natural gas of more than 1,000 vehicles currently running on gasoline. According to the regional government of Cusco, 50 of the more than 400 vehicles registered in the program have been converted to date.

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