Oman Oil opens first mega gas station of its kind at SQU


Muscat: Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) has opened its highly anticipated Mega Gas Station at Al Khoudh 6, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), which was inaugurated under the patronage of Hilal Al Sarmi, representative of the Wilayat of Seeb in the Majlis Al Shura .

The complex is part of a new concept the fuel marketing company is rolling out, transforming the traditional gas station into a one-stop shop for shopping, food and other lifestyle services.

“We are proud to have officially opened our first mega station in Oman, as it reaffirms our commitment to go ‘beyond the pump’. We are committed to developing our non-energy services that contribute to the social and economic development of the country and to inspiring others to do the same,” said Hilal Ali Al Kharusi, President of OOMCO. “Our goal is to become the most customer-centric distributor in the Gulf Cooperation Council by 2027 and with this mega station, we are one step closer to achieving our goal.”

Hussain Jama Bait Ishaq, Acting Managing Director of OOMCO, said, “We continue to transform the industry, improving both customer and shareholder value through expansion and innovation. While meeting the needs of today’s fast-moving world, our mega resort was created as a convenience and leisure destination for motorists. We have partnered with various popular global brands to provide our customers with a much more exciting experience that takes them out of their usual routine when visiting a gas station.

Catering to SQU students and staff in addition to the 6th residents of Al Khoudh, the 10,000 m2 project includes a gas station, cafes, car service center, convenience store, shopping complex with global brands, a separate gym for men and women, a children’s playground, a pharmacy, a daycare, ATMs and a business center for students.


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