Oil tanker, gas station fire burns vehicles


LAHORE: A number of cars were damaged after an oil tanker and gas pump caught fire in Fatehgarh, Harbancepura on Wednesday. The fire broke out around 4:30 p.m. It spread at a tremendous rate and engulfed many vehicles, an oil tanker and a gas pump. People nearby rushed to save their lives. The area was filled with thick smoke as huge clouds were seen from afar.

People called Rescue 1122 teams. At least 20 rescuers and seven vehicles answered the call. They used foam and water to control the fire. A rescuer said the fire spread at tremendous speed as the tanker and gas pump contained highly flammable materials. However, the cause of the fire could not be determined at this time. No loss of life or injury was reported in the incident.

Four detainees for cop abuse: Barki police arrested four people for cop abuse during the execution of corona SOPs in the Pholarwan area. The accused got into a fight with manager Chowki and other cops and tortured them. Police registered a complaint against 15 people and arrested four people who were later identified as Ammar, Sharaq, Abdul Rahim and Waqas.

15 fatalities in crashes: The Punjab emergency service (Rescue 1122) responded to 883 road accidents in the 36 districts of Punjab in the past 24 hours. In these accidents, 15 people died, while 949 were injured. Of these, 549 people were seriously injured and were transferred to different hospitals. Considering that 385 lightly injured were treated at

site of the incident by Rescue medical teams.


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