New natural gas filling station in the Campania region


Launched by Snam4Mobility and Eni, the Aversa site will offer CNG and bioCNG. The partners have opened more than 5 similar petrol stations across Italy so far.

Snam4Mobility, the Snam company active in sustainable mobility in Italy, and Eni have opened a new natural gas and biomethane service station for cars in Aversa, Caserta, Italy. The station will offer CNG (compressed natural gas) and biomethane (Bio-CNG) in the Campania region.

Thanks to the partnership between Snam4Mobility and Eni, natural gas and biomethane refueling stations have already been opened in Trentino Alto Adige (Levico Terme), Piedmont (Busano), Veneto (Schio), Émilie- Romagna (Modena and Bologna) and Puglia (Noicattaro), known as Snam4Mobility.

Eni has already started distributing some of the biomethane in its own network of CNG stations in Italy – currently 104, with a plan to increase it to 120 by the end of 2022 – and plans to distribute only biomethane from next year.

Following the acquisition of FRI-EL Biogas Holding, Eni will become the leading producer of biomethane in Italy with the potential to supply the network with more than 50 million cubic meters of biomethane produced from renewable sources when fully developed. operational, according to the company.

Around 1,000 Eni factories supply LPG and / or methane. For the refueling of heavy vehicles, Eni already has 14 service stations distributing LNG and has a development plan underway to increase this number to 20 stations by next year. In addition, Eni will inaugurate the first hydrogen refueling station in Italy in the urban area of ​​Mestre (Venice) in early 2022, followed by a second in San Donato Milanese.

Snam4Mobility, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Snam, is developing infrastructures for the distribution of compressed natural gas (CNG and Bio-CNG) for cars and liquefied natural gas (LNG and Bio-LNG) for heavy transport throughout Italy. Snam’s 2020-2024 strategic plan provides for the construction of 150 new natural gas and biomethane refueling stations and the launch of the first hydrogen refueling stations.

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