Man Takes Tesla Electric Car To Buy Fuel At Lagos Gas Station, Gas Station Attendant Gets Confused


– In a prank move, a Nigerian took a Tesla electric car to a gas station with the false intention of buying fuel

– The move left the attendant and the others puzzled as they searched for the car’s fuel tank opening

– After a lot of noise, the man revealed that the car is electric and does not need gasoline to run

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A man and his friend caused a big scene in Lagos State and it was an interesting drama to watch. In a video that has since become sensational content online, he drove a Tesla through a gas station.

Before the car entered the station, the man had already foreseen how funny the reactions of people around would be.

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Man takes Tesla electric car to buy fuel at Lagos gas station, gas station attendant gets confused
People at the station continued to look around the car for fuel. Photo source: @ 234Drive
Source: Twitter

At the pump, the attendant kept asking the man to park again so that the opening of his tank was facing the dispenser.

After checking both sides to no avail, a voice in the Yoruba video wondered if the tank was under the vehicle.

When the man asked the gas station attendant to sell him fuel, he asked “where is the tank?” “. In response, the man said, “Why doesn’t a car have a tank?

After a lot of work, the man revealed that the car is an electric automobile and does not need fuel.

Watch the video below:

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed nearly 100,000 times with thousands of comments.

Here are some of the reactions:

@poluwatosyn said:

“Black man, black meaning. The person who swears to ‘show off’ for this part of the world doesn’t go crazy, but I do enjoy cruising. “

@Ebuka_Eclat said:

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“Omo, this car is magic. I would love to have one.”

@unclefunbi said:

“I don’t see anything wrong with that… I don’t understand the fuss people have about this video. This guy is looking at cars, I see his videos on TikTok and I don’t think degrading the fuel attendant was there. ‘intention.”

@Miz_Fey said:

“This is the reaction the attendants gave me at the end, undisturbed and it clearly showed the obvious stupidity of the ‘pranksters’. Mtchew.”

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