Macca’s to open restaurant and gas station in Phillip


Artist’s impression of the proposed gas station, restaurant and drive-thru, from the point of view of the exit. Images: Richmond and Ross.

McDonald’s has published plans for a new mixed-use restaurant, take-out service and gas station at the old Magnet Mart hardware store on Hindmarsh Drive in Phillip.

The 2,581 square meter site (Block 7, Section 25) in the Phillip Services shopping area on the south side of Hindmarsh Drive is currently occupied by the pop-up fast food store Grease Monkey.

It sits across from downtown Woden, where a high rise apartment boom is being built, and thousands more will soon be living.

The development application states that the two-story warehouse building will be demolished to accommodate a 524 square meter building containing the restaurant (302 square meters) and convenience store and gas station storage (222 square meters).

The gasoline operator is not named, but the artist’s impressions of the project show a Metro-branded station, which typically provides fuel at a discount, so motorists should benefit from the competition. increased in the region.

Aerial view

An aerial view of the site. Photo: ACTmapi.

The restaurant will include an entrance hall, counter, dining room, children’s play area and accessible equipment, as well as facilities at the back of the house.

The proposed gas station will consist of six gasoline trucks, 108 square meters of retail space, 92 square meters of storage / staff areas, a waste storage area of ​​approximately 22 square meters and parking / parking areas. overturning for trucks.

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An awning of approximately 361 square meters will protect customers from the elements.

Vehicles will enter and exit through separate lanes on Hindmarsh Road, while access to the existing lane from Divine Court will be removed.

Entrance view

An entry view of the proposed development.

The aisles will accommodate tankers and large trucks, which will make their deliveries in quiet periods.

Trucks delivering to McDonald’s and the convenience store would reverse into the loading dock, adjacent to the double drive-thru, which will allow queuing for 15 cars away from the parking lot access and traffic, with a queue for eight cars from the order point.

The traffic report indicates that the proposed development would generate around 320 vehicles per hour (in both directions) during weekday morning and afternoon peaks.

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But he says linked trips could reduce that by a quarter to 240 vehicles per hour (both ways).

The report states that most of the customers will come from the transit trade and that the net increase in traffic on Hindmarsh Drive will only be around 50 vehicles per hour or 1%, which will have minimal effects on traffic flows on the day. along Hindmarsh Drive or Melrose Drive. and Ball floor lamps.

The car park will have 17 spaces, including one accessible space, while racks at the front of the building will accommodate four bicycles.

The site will be landscaped with a range of trees, shrubs and ground cover species.

The proposal also seeks to amend the lease to add the use of “restaurant” and “gas station”.

Comments close on January 31.

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