La Brea gas station reopened after car accident


The NP La Brea gas station resumed operations on Saturday around 11 p.m., following an accident on Friday afternoon.

A woman lost control of her vehicle and slammed into other vehicles, eventually colliding with one of the gas station’s Super/Premium fuel dispensers. The distributor then fell on another vehicle.

Fortunately, no customers or service station personnel were injured.

NP credited safety mechanisms for the positive result.

NP noted that the station dealer immediately activated the emergency stop device/switch which shuts off all power and fuel flow to all valves, including the damaged valve.

This prevented the spouting or spilling of fuel onto the forecourt.

As a precaution, fire extinguishers were unloaded by forecourt attendants on duty and the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Department was also on hand to support the emergency response.

In addition, the area around the affected dispenser was immediately cordoned off and members of NP’s maintenance department were then deployed.

The maintenance crew isolated the fuel line to the damaged fuel dispenser to prevent the fuel from spilling or the supply from inadvertently causing the unit to activate.

The damaged dispenser has been removed from site and the area will remain cordoned off as the team works to replace it in the coming days.


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