Home Filling station Kind service station worker who paid for fuel for woman is rewarded with 8 years salary Nigeria news

Kind service station worker who paid for fuel for woman is rewarded with 8 years salary Nigeria news

  • Gas station attendant rewarded with life-changing gift after showing kindness to stuck customer
  • The client, a 21-year-old student, had wanted to refuel her car only to find that she had left her card at home and therefore could not pay for the service.
  • Much to his surprise, the 28-year-old attendant not only wiped his car screen but paid for fuel with his card

A gas station employee was generously rewarded with a grateful customer to whom he had shown kindness.

Ron Project reports that a lady, Monet van Deventer, had stopped at the gas station in South Africa to refuel her car.

The boy forgot his card at home Photo credit: Times Live
Source: UGC

Nkosikho Mbele, who happened to be the attendant on duty, had first started wiping the screen of the lady’s car before rendering the service she had requested.

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It was when Mbele wanted to refuel her car that Monet discovered that she had forgotten her card at home.

Mbele found a solution for the stranded lady

The 28-year-old pump attendant then intervened with a solution. He offered to pay for his fuel with his card with the promise that Monet would return it to him the next time she passed.

He then filled his car after paying R100 (₦ 2,750.98) with his card.

Live time reports that the lady was touched by the kindness of a complete stranger and organized a fundraiser for the man.

The fundraiser received $ 94,000 (N38,634,940.00) which equals the man’s salary for the next 8 years.

It should be noted that the incident took place in 2019.

Student raises naira 26million for homeless man who helped her with her last money while in dire straits

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During this time, Legit.ng previously reported that a 22-year-old student raised 26 million naira for a homeless man who offered her her last money when she got stranded.

The homeless man named Robbie had given the N1706 to a lady who lost her ATM card after a night out and could not afford to return home.

The money, though small, turned out to be Robbie’s last at that time. The astonished student identified as Dominique Harrison-Bentzen declined the offer and found her way home.

The student has reportedly started a campaign on a donation page to raise money for Robbie

Source: Legit.ng

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