Impressive explosion at a gas station in Brazil


The tragic incident resulted in the death of the driver, who was identified as Mario Magalhos da Penha, 67 years old, who were taken to the Municipal Hospital of Salgado Filho in the neighborhood of Maire in Rio de Janeiro, where he underwent emergency surgery due to injuries. Even after millions of attempts he did not survive and died.

Explosion Car Service Station Brazil 2022

The woman standing in front of the car was shocked by the explosion. His companions helped him, then took him to the Souza Aguirre Municipal Hospital in central Rio de Janeiro, where doctors said his condition was stable.

The explosion destroyed the whole car, as well as part of the gas station roof and a bit of the fuel pump cover, but did not damage it.Earlier tests indicated that a gas cylinder in the vehicle was in poor condition, including rust, and that the explosion was caused by a gas leak.

The gas supply to the station had to be suspended and one of the two lanes of the surrounding road had to be closed so that the cleaning crew could do their job. After an hour and a half, traffic was reopened. Later, government inspectors from the gas supply company as well as the National Institute for the Environment (INEA) arrived at the scene to carry out the first investigation into the incident.

What is Compressed Natural Gas or CNG?

Compressed natural gas or by its abbreviation CNG, is a natural gas that serves as an alternative to liquid fuels such as gasoline or diesel, is more economical and environmentally friendly. Its cost is lower than gasoline and diesel.

90% of compressed natural gas is methane gas, the rest having a minimum proportion of nitrogen and hydrocarbons, which is why it is less polluting than diesel or naphtha and does not require prolonged refining treatment like these fuels.

Explosion Car Brazil Gas Station 2022 2


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