Gordon wants ‘reliable’ fossil fuels, says Rocky Mountain Power overly focused on renewables



CASPER, Wyoming – Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon’s office said in a press release on Friday that the governor was pushing for “reliable” fossil fuels and worried about the direction Rocky Mountain Power appears to be going in. .

The press release comes after Rocky Mountain Power released its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) this week.

“As we are still reviewing the document, it appears to go against the expectations of many in Wyoming,” Gordon said in the statement. “I continue to support an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy, and Rocky Mountain Power is clearly limiting its options by focusing on intermittent generation sources such as wind and solar, and leveraging technologies not yet fully. proven, such as batteries and nuclear. . ”

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“There are many proven fossil fuel sources with similar opportunities for technological advancement that can create a stronger and more reliable grid. “

Gordon said Rocky Mountain Power customers in Wyoming and other states need to be able to rely on the ability to have electricity around the clock.

“True base power will not have the gaps in the power supply that accompany times when the wind isn’t blowing, the sun isn’t shining and the batteries are running out,” Gordon said.

While Rocky Mountain Power’s IRP says the company is considering a switch to natural gas, Gordon said he didn’t think it was enough.

“We need to maintain the use of coal through the capture of CO2,” Gordon said. “It’s interesting that IRP is putting so much hope on huge amounts of battery storage without considering life cycle CO2 costs. “

“It is encouraging that the legislation I have advocated is pushing Rocky Mountain Power to test some of their units for carbon capture. I hope this is just the start of such an analysis and that they will seriously consider the cost of losing reliable and distributable energy by placing so much hope in renewables.

Gordon said he enjoyed Rocky Mountain Power’s modeling of a Natrium nuclear reactor project to be built in Wyoming.

“Nuclear power is an important part of any energy future, and I am delighted that Wyoming is playing a big part in this endeavor,” Gordon said. “There is no doubt that the Wyoming Civil Service Commission will dive into the details and provide an analysis on the effects of IRP. I look forward to their conclusions.


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