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Another Germiston business, apart from those in Germiston CBD, has been without power for two weeks since June 11.

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According to Deidré Bloem, commercial manager of the BP service station at 36 South Power Street, this was the second time this year that they had to resort to a generator due to power cuts.

“Earlier this year we were cut off by the metro as they disconnected people who owed money to the city. We were without power for days, contacting the call center almost every day. Initially, they came to restore our power,” Bloem said.

Bloem said he has contacted the call center since June 11.

“They keep saying they’re making it worse. On June 22, technicians arrived to inspect the electrical box. They left without fixing the problem,” she said.

“They said they got the call on June 21. We’ve been reporting since June 11,” Bloem said.

“We spend R2,500 a day on fuel to power the generator.

“We visited the Germiston customer service center twice a day and even went to the MMC office for help,” she said.

“This is an expensive exercise as we run our generator to keep the garage running.

“With the current price of gasoline and our barely surviving, Ekurhuleni shows that they are not concerned with Germiston’s business.

“We are paying customers from Ekurhuleni town and literally have to beg for services,” Bloem said.

She said the municipality lacks communication and this frustrates residents and business owners.

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“It’s frustrating because every time you talk to someone they escalate the problem but nothing is resolved.

During the Covid-19 lockdown they were saying they were understaffed. All they have to do is communicate and say we are aware of the issue and are monitoring,” Bloem said.

“Companies are not respected enough. We understand load shedding.

“Law enforcement must also be proactive in minimizing instances of cable theft, which contributes to many businesses losing power.

“Service delivery in this part of town is poor. If it’s not sewage, it’s a power outage.

“The council is taking its time to respond to our complaints,” she said.

“Our staff is also affected by this electricity problem.

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We are forced to operate with minimal staff because we have no power.

We have been operating for over 20 years and the power in this area has gone from bad to worse,” Bloem said.

The GCN requested a comment from the Town of Ekurhuleni by Friday, June 24 at 10:00 a.m.

The investigation was acknowledged on June 22.

At press time, no comments had been received.


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