Gasum opens its northernmost gas station in Norway


The Trondheim station integrates Gasum’s network of gas filling stations in the Oslo region as well as in the northern regions of Sweden such as Östersund and UmeÃ¥.

The Nordic network of service stations is expanding as Gasum opens another service station in Norway. Located in the municipality of Trondheim, the site is the northernmost gas station in Gasum, Norway, according to a press release from the company.

The Trondheim station is located in the middle of the logistics hub of Heggstadmoen, a busy location for heavy traffic that integrates Gasum’s network of gas filling stations in the Oslo region as well as the northern regions of the Sweden such as Östersund and UmeÃ¥, the company said.

The new station offers liquefied and compressed gas, serving both logistics companies operating in the region and long-haul traffic from Oslo to Trondheim to Sweden.

The new filling station is part of a cooperation between Gasum and the Norwegian cooperative retail chain Coop. It will also be used to supply Coop with renewable biogas for its transport partners. The station is public and open to all logistics players.

“I am extremely happy to see a considerable interest in gas in Norway reported by the major players in logistics. By expanding the Nordic network of service stations, we can also provide new opportunities for local businesses to significantly reduce their emissions. This is Gasum’s northernmost service station in Norway and as such will open up new routes for gasoline-powered businesses, ”said John Melby, Director of Traffic Norway at Gasum.

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