Gas Station & Fast Food – Ipswich-Rosewood Road, Amberley


A development application has been submitted for a petrol station and fast food outlet, located at 66-108 Ipswich-Rosewood Road, Amberley.

Designdesigned by Peter Nelson Design, the the proposal is for a single storey fast food building located near the northern boundary, with the service station and fuel dispensing canopy located in the central/western part of the site.

Development details
– Fast Food Outlet (140m²)
– Petrol station (140m²)

– 8 barrels on the forecourt

Gas station
– Fuel canopy over 8 fuel dispensers
– Loading dock
– Service station / GFA shop 140m²
– New underground fuel storage tanks, with divided compartments
– shared parking spaces
– Single story building height
– Forecourt awning
– Illuminated sign on pylon
– Interior vehicle access.

Planners at Peter Nelson Designs & Town Planning state that “the development proposal complies with the relevant planning scheme and codes, as well as the town plan, and should be assessed as assessable. The proposed development is consistent with the designated area that provides for this type of development at this location. The site is considered unconstrained and capable of being developed as proposed without affecting the amenity of the area”.

The proposals aim for 280 m² of gross floor area (GFA) to be placed on the site area of ​​10,775 m².

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Application information and references
– Filing date: May 19, 2022
– Council reference: 4599/2022/MCU
– Address: 66-108 Ipswich-Rosewood Road, Amberley
– Area: Regional Business and Industry Buffer and Regional Business and Industry Survey
– Neighborhood plan: N/A
– Bid report: Peter Nelson Designs & Urbanism
– Design Drawings: Peter Nelson Designs & Town Planning
– Traffic engineering: PTT
– Interactive image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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