Fossil fuel consultant resigns in disgust, tired of destroying the environment


Oh, and she blasted the company in an email to a thousand former colleagues.


A consultant who has just left the fossil fuel industry has harsh words for her former employer.

Like Politics reports, former Shell security consultant Caroline Dennett sent a missive in strong terms to the company’s executive committee – and more than 1,000 of her former colleagues.

In the email, obtained by PoliticsDennett accused Shell of having “failed” on a “planetary scale” to live up to its alleged “safe” sustainability pledge.

“Shell operates beyond the design limits of our planetary systems,” wrote the former UK-based consultant. “Shell is not implementing measures to mitigate known risks. Shell does not put environmental safety ahead of production.

Toothless claims

The report notes that despite Shell’s lip service to a supposed “net-zero” emissions strategy, the company is pushing ahead with plans to explore new gas fields until 2025, even if It takes lobbying efforts to allow greater extraction of fossil fuels.

“I can no longer work for a company that ignores all alarms and discounts the risks of climate change and ecological collapse,” Dennett wrote in the email, which also urges his former colleagues “to look themselves in the mirror and wondering if they really believe that their vision of greater oil and gas extraction ensures a secure future for humanity” and “please go and move on to a more sustainable career “.

When Politics Contacted Shell for comment, a company spokesman said the oil giant is “committed to implementing our global strategy to be a net zero company by 2050” – the same year as the International energy quotes as the time when the world can achieve net-zero carbon emissions only if companies stop new construction of oil and gas fields right now.

Hopefully we get this far.

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