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“First electric boat that will sell better than its fossil fuel competitors”


Absolutely quiet, maintenance free, 95% cheaper to drive and with the longest electric range of any boat in history. With Candela C-8, the Swedish electric boat builder aims to bring electric boats to high volume production.

Building on its first successful sports boat, the Candela C-7, the Swedish tech company is now launching its second-generation hydrofoil pleasure boat: the Candela C-8, a larger and more comfortable boat designed to bring electric boats to the widest market.

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“With the C-7, we have demonstrated that our hydrofoil technology not only allows a long range on electricity, but also provides a better experience than conventional boats. In a hydrofoil, you get a smoother, more enjoyable ride. However, the C-7 looked more like a hand-built sports car; never intended for mass production, ”says Gustav Hasselskog, founder and CEO of Candela. “With the new C-8, we are taking technology to the next level, and at the same time we are focusing on making a boat that has all the comforts you expect, while designing it for efficient mass production. “

50 to 100 years of boating

At 290,000 euros excluding VAT, the asking price of the C-8 is at or below that of many conventional fossil-fueled motorboats in the 28 to 29 foot range. However, once purchased, the C-8 is virtually free to own and use. The cost of driving the Candela C-8 is 95% lower than that of combustion engine boats. Equipped with the all new Candela C-POD direct drive pod motor, the C-8 does not require an oil change or regular maintenance. The C-Pod is designed for 3,000 hours of maintenance free use, which equates to 50 to 100 years of boating – zero maintenance. When docked, the C-8’s hydrofoils can be retracted above the waterline, minimizing growth and the need for antifouling.

The longest electric autonomy ever

The C-8 features a new and improved version of Candela’s revolutionary hydrofoiling technology that reduces energy consumption by 80% compared to conventional boats, allowing long range all-electric at high speed.

Combined with Candela’s new powertrain, the C-POD, the C-8 can travel longer distances than any electrically powered boat before it – over 50 nautical miles on battery power at 22 knots. The C-POD makes the C-8 the most efficient powerboat ever. At a speed of 22 knots it only draws 16 kW / 21 hp from the battery. For comparison, a conventional 28-foot hovering cabin cruiser is typically fitted with a 300-horsepower gasoline outboard motor. Production of the Candela C-8 begins this fall at the company’s Stockholm plant, and the first customers will take delivery in spring 2022.

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