Extra MSA tries again to build a new M25 gas station


Developers are once again trying to get the green light to build a huge new gas station along one of Europe’s busiest motorways after their previous plans were rejected.

Extra MSA Group has been trying for years to get a new motorway service built along the M25 between junctions 16 and 17, first presenting plans for Warren Farm near Chalfont St Peter in July 2019.

But last year they complained that Buckinghamshire Council was taking too long to make a decision and they appealed to the Planning Inspectorate.

In another blow to Extra MSA Group, the Planning Inspectorate said the plans would be detrimental to the green belt and rejected them – but they have now submitted new plans after consulting the public on another site’ compact” on the east side of the M25. instead of the west side.

A ‘summary’ planning application has now been submitted to Buckinghamshire Council, which reveals further details of what could be built.

The developers, who also run Beaconsfield’s award-winning services at Junction 2 of the nearby M40, say they want their new, mainly single-storey service station to be a ‘calm and quiet space’ where drivers can stop and “chill” and “chill and rejuvenate” on long journeys.

Although the app is only a preview and therefore does not have a detailed design of the look of the gas station, Extra revealed that it will have all the necessary facilities – retail and food outlets , as well as a service station, up to 759 parking spaces, 20 charging stations for electric vehicles and 23 spaces for motorcycles.

There will also be up to 142 parking spaces for trucks and up to 23 spaces for caravans and 19 spaces for coaches.

The services building itself will have a domed, curved green roof to try to visually ‘merge’ it into the surrounding hills, with a leaf-shaped window, while the facade will have a glazed entrance to add more light.

Bucks Free Press:

They want to be inspired by the Chilterns, using wood and flint.

Inside, there will be room for 11 different retail or dining outlets, all of which face inwards towards a central oval-shaped seating area and an atrium with a few kiosks in the middle as well.

Some of the units will also have outdoor seating, with plans for flower beds and trees to “instill a calming environment”.

They also want to build a bridge over the M25 which they say is ‘aesthetically pleasing’, which will provide access to motorist services on both sides of the motorway.

In planning documents, Extra says its new proposals have considered criticisms leveled at Warren Farm’s previous plans and addressed all concerns.

Bucks Free Press: The site - you can see where HS2 is working on the rightThe site – you can see where HS2 is working on the right

However, there has already been an objection from a concerned local. Karen Bradley, who lives in West Hyde, said locals are “already putting up with a lot here…noise, air pollution and environmental disasters”, given that the site is close to the construction of the HS2 gate.

She said: ‘I think we’ve done our part and shouldn’t have to suffer more from the noise, air pollution and environmental issues of a service area on top of a train service. fast.

“I implore you to please consider the people in this proposal and put it at junction 15/16. I know it’s near the M40 in Beaconsfield, but it’s still not the M25.

You can view the plans using the planning reference PL/22/1411/OA on the Buckinghamshire Council planning portal.


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