Ex-Garda fined for stealing fuel from Dublin service station


A former garda already serving time for brutal assaults on two women has been fined €100 for failing to pay for fuel at a Dublin petrol station.

The robbery by Stephen Cooper, 37, happened on March 7, 2020 at a Top Oil garage on the south side of town.

Judge Treasa Kelly was told at Dublin District Court that he got £10 worth of diesel and left but never came back to pay.

Cooper, of Kingswood Heights, Tallaght, Co Dublin, has 27 criminal convictions and is a serving prisoner.

He remained silent during his last audition; however, his attorney told the court Cooper was “apologized” and returned to the gas station twice to leave his contact information.

Judge Treasa Kelly noted that he was serving a long sentence for other crimes and would not be released until 2026.

She imposed a fine of €100, payable immediately, otherwise he would face an additional two days in prison if he failed to do so.

Cooper received a six-year sentence earlier this year for assaulting two women in 2021 following excessive alcohol and drug use.

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One of the victims was loaded into a van and threatened to be taken to the mountains and buried.

Claiming that she had stolen drugs from him, Cooper forced her to participate in a strip search and inserted his fingers into her body.

He was given a three-year sentence in 2014 for offenses while serving as a prison guard. In one, he let another man be wrongfully prosecuted for possession of drugs found during a search at the 2009 Electric Picnic music festival.

In recent years, he has received other convictions, including driving offenses for lack of insurance and failure to show his license, and possession of drugs.


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