Environmentalists say fossil fuel projects could derail NJ’s climate goals


Environmental groups say New Jersey won’t meet its climate goals unless it blocks several proposed fossil fuel projects, including a gas pipeline compressor station and an LNG export terminal in South Jersey.

Governor Phil Murphy has set a goal to reduce the state’s current greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030. Those emissions by 38 percent if approved and completed.

“We shut down the PennEast pipeline, but now there is a new pipeline,” Empower New Jersey spokesman David Pringle said. “The Regional Energy Access Expansion Pipeline is a major project and accounts for nearly half of the incremental emissions, 18 million metric tons.”

Pringle says the emissions estimate assumes the facilities would operate at full capacity and include all parts of the expansion, including miles of pipeline in Pennsylvania. Empower New Jersey released a report on Monday detailing its estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from newly constructed or proposed infrastructure projects.

Williams, which operates the Transco system of natural gas pipelines, plans to add another 36 miles to its current pipeline in northeastern Pennsylvania, as well as a new compressor station in Gloucester County, New Jersey. This is part of its plan to increase natural gas service to New Jersey customers. The company says the pipelines could be used to transport hydrogen and “renewable natural gas,” also known as biogas that uses either methane from sewage treatment, livestock or agricultural waste.

Pringle also points to the proposed Gibbstown liquid natural gas export terminal, which it says would emit about 13 million tonnes of carbon. This project has been delayed, and it is unclear if and when it will go ahead.

The New Jersey Turnpike expansion, three pending natural gas power plants, and additional natural gas compressor stations for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline in North Jersey are also on the list of greenhouse gas emitters. potentially important to the group.


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