Egypt launches the first mobile CNG filling station in the Middle East



Ten other similar units will be deployed in time. Egypt’s goal is to reach 1,000 CNG service stations across the country within a year.

The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has announced the launch of the country’s first mobile compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station. Operated by Gastec, it is also the first mobile CNG unit in the entire Middle East region.

The opening is part of the oil sector’s efforts to provide CNG for mobility across the country, especially in remote locations that lack natural gas vehicle supply infrastructure.

With a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters of natural gas, the mobile unit can provide services for seasonal needs, emergencies or to serve industrial and commercial facilities.

Following the deployment of the first mobile CNG service station, Minister Tarek al-Molla said ten more similar units will be installed in time.

Egypt’s goal, according to al-Molla, is to increase the number of CNG filling stations nationwide to 1,000 within a year – currently there are 250 locations. The stations will be deployed on highways and mobility hubs in all governorates.

Natural gas supply is also introduced at gas stations in Egypt to help provide fueling alternatives to citizens.

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