“Decorative, hardened Irish mud?” Limerick petrol station’s tongue-in-cheek protest against turf ban


THE owner of a petrol station in County Limerick has found an ironic way to promote the sale of turf.

“Bags of decorative hardened Irish mud for sale. Ornamental use only – do not burn in fire,” reads the sign affixed to McNulty’s Fuels lawn cart outside the Hospital Village workshop.

Eric McNulty, the gas station owner, said he made the sign as a fun but serious way to highlight the difficulties he faces as a business owner who primarily sells fossil fuels as the government plans to ban the sale of turf from October 1. .

[Eric McNulty pictured above outside his petrol station in Hospital]

“Everything I have the government is trying to ban, so they’re not doing me any favors right now,” Eric said.

Eric’s qualifications are in renewable energy and he previously worked in this field in the UK for a time before moving to Ireland.

“There were no jobs in my field when I came home. The government is trying to push renewable energy but nothing has been done in the last ten years to make it a viable option for people,” added Eric.

“It’s a bit unorthodox for a man with my qualifications to own a gas station, but I’ve had to go in the completely opposite direction in this country to make a living.”

Amid the current energy crisis, Eric feels government initiatives to ban fossil fuels are counterproductive.

“They are banning smoked charcoal and the price of smokeless is at an all time high because of that and we are now being pushed towards electric cars in a rural area where there is no infrastructure in place for that,” said Eric, adding that the reaction to the sign has been mostly positive.

“It’s got over 13,000 likes online which is amazing. To be honest I was expecting a backlash but so far most people have been supporting me and finding humor in it “Eric told Limerick Live.



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