‘Credit card skimmer’ discovered during inspection at Rancho Cucamonga gas station | Inland Empire News


During a routine inspection of a gas station in Rancho Cucamonga recently, Agricultural Standards Officer Katie Tomlinson discovered a credit card skimmer device wrapped in black electrical tape placed inside a a fuel dispenser, according to a press release issued by San Bernardino County.

Skimmers are placed inside the dispenser by criminals, in line between the credit card reader and the connection to the POS system in the store or gas station kiosk that operates the gas pump . Once card information is transferred to this POS system, the skimmer records and stores the data without interfering with the transaction, leaving unsuspecting customers unaware that their information is being stolen.

“A skimmer comes in many shapes and sizes, but all do the same thing, steal your credit or debit card information, including PIN and zip codes. Some of these devices have Bluetooth capability allowing thieves to steal your credit card information without getting out of their vehicle,” said Agriculture/Weights and Measures commissioner and sealer Angela Godwin.

Once a skimmer is discovered, the Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures works alongside the Measurement Standards Division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the U.S. Secret Service for an investigation further.

The US Secret Service has been appointed by Congress to handle electronic access theft crimes and has a large, specially equipped forensic laboratory in Los Angeles.

Station owners periodically check dispensers for skimmers and are now installing safety tape around the edges of dispenser doors. Usually this security strip will bear the name or logo of the gasoline brand and a serial number.

“When using your debit or credit card, be careful, check station vending machines for security tape, and if in doubt, pay inside the store and review your credit card bills carefully. and frequently,” Godwin said.


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