Corona del Mar 76 petrol station update plans get city council approval


The renovation of a 76 gas station at 2201 E. Coast Highway moved forward Tuesday night with the approval of Newport Beach City Council, but not without an additional stipulation that limits the hours of liquor sales.

Councilor Duffy Duffield withdrew from the vote, citing “a personal financial effect” of the business.

The redevelopment includes the addition of 232 square feet and a liquor sales license. A staff report prepared for Tuesday’s meeting indicates that the commodity market would be 1,995 square feet after the renovation. Its opening hours were initially to be 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily with hours offered for the sale of alcohol – beer and wine – at the nearby market from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. With the council action on Tuesday, these hours are now limited from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

If owner and applicant Hamid Kianipur wishes to extend these hours, he will have to go through the city’s authorization processes.

The redevelopment will not affect the existing gasoline pump canopy, eight fuel dispensers and below-grade fuel infrastructure, according to city staff. It is expected to include 10 parking spaces, a garbage enclosure, a water and air pumping station, and landscaping with the driveway on Avocado Avenue and both on East Coast Highway to stay.

The project is expected to reach a maximum height of 23 feet and six inches. A Coastal Development Permit and Conditional Use Permit were approved by the Newport Beach Planning Commission in October, but the project was submitted for council-level review by City Councilor Joy Brenner, who represents the District of Corona del Mar and heard from concerned residents on the matter.

Gas station 76 at East Coast Highway and Avocado Avenue.

(Don Leach / Staff Photographer)

Kianipur said the property was purchased in 2003, but the station probably dates back to the 1950s. His family has run the station ever since. He said the existing building was built after a conditional use permit was granted in 1972 and the gas canopy was replaced about 10 years ago.

The renovation project dates from 2018.

“As you know, the auto repair industry has changed a lot since 1972. As our cars have become more and more complex, fewer people bring their cars to the local gas station and, as a result, they don’t. is more of a profitable business, ”Kianipur said. noted.

“After studying the viability and suitability of several options, including a car wash, we decided to renovate the existing building and turn the mechanics area and snack store into a full convenience store,” he said. he continued. “This required a new conditional use permit, which was approved by the Planning Commission at the October 7 meeting after two and a half years, or nearly three years of effort.”

Kianipur acknowledged hearing from area residents concerned about alcohol sales, traffic, homelessness in the area, and the store’s design.

Citizens largely rehashed the same concerns during the public hearing, with some opposing alcohol sales at the convenience store, saying it could create competition between it and neighboring Korker Liquor. Others worried about the traffic jams and asked the council to put its decision on hold until a traffic study is conducted.

Some residents expressed their support for the project and for Kianipur, pointing out that the area needed updating and that Kianipur had worked with the community to change the design of the project. Some were in favor of just having a convenience store nearby.

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