Commissioning of a new bioNGV service station in New Aquitaine



The Damazan station is the first to come out of the Confluent Bio-NGV association, as part of a plan that provides for the deployment of four bio-NGV sites in Lot-et-Garonne by 2022.

The infrastructure for filling vehicles with natural gas (NGV) continues to expand in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region with the commissioning of a new bioNGV station in Damazan, in Lot-et-Garonne. Strategically located between Bordeaux and Toulouse, the station should open in mid-April 2021.

Bio-GNV du Confluent is the association responsible for the construction and operation of the future Damazan station. The entity aims to deploy four bioNGV stations in the Lot-et-Garonne department by 2022.

Located in the heart of the Confluence business park, the Damazan station will exclusively distribute locally produced bioNGV in three charging zones. Designed to accommodate up to 40 heavy goods vehicles per day.

Teréga, the leading independent operator of gas infrastructure in France, will connect the site to the gas network, thus marking the company’s first connection of a CNG station to the transmission network.

The last CNG service stations to be put into service in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region are the Langon and Boulazac sites, launched by Gaz’up at the beginning of this month.

Bio-GNV du Confluent SAS was born from the association of SEM AVERGIES, created by the Territoire d’Energie 47 union, and the Pujol Group through its Nature Gaz subsidiary.

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