Clean energy increases outweigh fossil fuel benefits in Democrats’ bill


CLIMATE INVOICE: The clean energy provisions of the Democrats’ climate bill trump concessions to the fossil fuel industry, analysts say. (Inside Climate News)

Still, some environmental justice leaders condemn the bill, saying fossil fuel benefits — such as support for the Mountain Valley Pipeline — discredit its true faith in climate. (Inside Climate News, Bloomberg Law, Reuters)
• The bill could be a tipping point for the decarbonization of heavy industry like steel and cement, as it would channel $5.8 billion towards reducing these major sources of emissions. (E&E News)
• The bill contains significant increases for electric vehicles, but omits e-bike tax credits and other cycling incentives included in previous iterations. (Washington Post)

• Regional and inter-regional transmission links could help reduce electricity costs, but are not properly valued by grid operators, according to a recent study. (Utility Diving)
Federal regulators and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation are using an energy standards council to help the natural gas and electric sectors coordinate to improve integration and reliability. (Utility Diving)
• A Californian non-profit organization is beginning to restore dilapidated homes that will be sold to low-income families and equipped with solar power and batteries to form part of a virtual power plant. (Grist)
• Three new transmission lines estimated to cost $2.2 billion are planned across Wisconsin as part of a recent construction plan approved by network operator MISO. (Wisconsin Public Radio)

• Xcel Energy is proposing a $300 million electric vehicle plan that would include rolling out hundreds of high-speed charging points in its service area and a focus on school bus electrification. (Star Tribune, E&E News)
• General Motors will prepay a company $198 million in cash for a guaranteed six-year supply of lithium to support the manufacture of electric vehicles. (Reuters)
• California proponents say incentive programs that help low-income residents buy electric vehicles are plagued by inadequate funding, long waits and rising car prices. (Cal Matters)

WIND: The Texas state grid operator often orders wind turbines in the High Plains region to shut down during times of high electricity demand because the state’s transmission grid lacks the infrastructure necessary to send the energy elsewhere. (Texas Tribune)

CLIMATE: Scientists are calling for more research into the worst climate scenarios that could occur if the world reaches the upper limit of predicted temperature increases. (Axios)

ELECTRIFICATION: A New Jersey chef is trying to convince restaurants to replace their gas stoves with induction cookers and other electric appliances. (Canary Media)

SOLAR: In Vermont, training programs, mentorship and advocacy are helping bring more female workers into the solar industry. (NBC 5)

OIL GAS: The US EPA is beginning helicopter searches for large sources of methane and smog-forming compounds in the Permian Basin, saying violations will result in “significant penalties”. (E&E News)

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