Brisbane to host Australia’s first fuel station with hydrogen pump


Motorists will be able to park at a gas station and fill up their car, bus or truck with hydrogen in Brisbane within months.

The BP service station and truck stop on Export Road, Lytton, will be the modernized Australian service station with a hydrogen bay and open to the public.

Australia’s first-ever hydrogen fueling station will open before Christmas. Work begins July 13.Credit:Queensland Government.

Work began this week on the first site of a planned tri-state hydrogen fueling station network.

Hydrogen is already powering some heavy-duty vehicles registered in Queensland, and the state government has five hydrogen-powered Hyundai NEXO sedans.

As a rough guide, it costs the state government around $90 to fill the six-kilogram tank of these Hyundai sedans, and they travel nearly 660 kilometers on a full tank.

But, like electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles need a place to refuel, and in Queensland this is currently limited to industrial facilities.

Queensland Energy Minister Mick de Brenni said the Lytton service station would supply hydrogen to motorists before Christmas.

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Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Minister Mick de Brenni checks under the bonnet of a Hyundai NEXO.Credit:Tony Moore

“We are exploring all opportunities to capitalize on the opportunities of Queensland’s energy transformation,” said de Brenni.


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