Bizarre mistake at Welsh service station sees drivers offered ‘dust and character’ cleaning service


A bizarre translation error has been spotted on a valeting sign at a petrol station in Conwy. The vacuum and scent machine at gas stations is normally used by drivers who want to clean and freshen the interior of their vehicles.

But any Welsh speaker who has used the Co-Op station facility at Old Colwyn may have noticed that the Welsh half of the sign offers a completely different service – and not the one you’d want to use. The Welsh part of the valeting sign says “Llwch ac Cymeriad”, which means “Dust and character”.

The Welsh translation for vacuum cleaner is “sugnwr llwch” and the translation for perfume is “persawr”. Even the most rudimentary translation tools can figure this out, so it’s unclear how the co-op ended up with “Llwch ac Cymeriad”, which should be “Llwch a Cymeriad” if that made sense.

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The co-op has now apologized for the error and said the panel will be replaced as soon as possible. A spokesperson said: “Co-op is proud of its long Welsh heritage and is committed to implementing bilingual signage in its stores across Wales.

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“We have been advised that one of our contractors has made a mistake with a small sign outside our service station in Abergele Road, Old Colwyn. We apologize, and we will hit the road and look to change the panel as soon as possible.”


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