Biden releases oil reserves while pushing transition to fossil fuels


US Energy News is one of five regional services published by Energy News Network. Today’s edition was compiled by Kathryn Krawczyk.

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OIL GAS: President Biden said he would release 1 million barrels of oil a day from strategic US reserves to combat high gasoline prices, using the announcement to push for a transition from fossil fuels. (Politics, New York Times)

• The Biden administration will roll out a new vehicle fuel efficiency rule today that is tougher than a previously proposed increase. (E&E News)
• House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she agrees with President Biden’s push for federal energy lease reforms to encourage use of idle leases and boost oil and gas production gas. (E&E News)
• The US Department of Transportation passes new rules requiring oil and gas pipeline operators to install emergency valves that can shut off flow in new or replaced pipelines. (Associated Press)

• The U.S. offshore wind industry must build 2,100 turbines and 6,800 miles of transmission cables, as well as expand its workforce, to meet the country’s goal of 30 GW installed by 2030. (Utility Diving)
• A solar developer suing in federal court to overturn approvals for Vineyard Wind, the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm, amends its suit to include approval for the South Fork wind farm. (Energy Information Network)

STORAGE ROOM: The United States added a record 3,508 MW of battery storage capacity in 2021, including three major projects in California and Florida. (Inside Climate News)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: A House committee will hold a hearing to discuss the US Postal Service’s plan to replace its current fleet with thousands of gas-powered vehicles, instead of electric models advocated by the White House. (Washington Post)

• Several states are targeting net metering payments and subsidies that make rooftop solar panels more affordable. (Washington Post)
• The company trying to build what would have been one of the largest solar farms in New Hampshire halts development, in part because of interconnection costs. (New Hampshire Public Radio)

CLEAN ENERGY: California lawmakers are considering a slew of climate and clean energy bills to spur the deployment of wind and solar power, help fossil fuel workers transition to new jobs, electrify vehicles, and more. (Los Angeles Times)

COAL: The miners have been on strike against an Alabama coal company for a year, but say their morale remains high as they seek better pay and benefits. (

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Illinois activists who fought against coal-fired power plants and petroleum coke storage sites are now advocating for legislation that would create stronger community participation and oversight for new industries in areas of environmental justice . (Energy Information Network)

GEOTHERMAL: Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley are exploring the use of underground “natural heat pumps” to heat and cool campus buildings. (KPIX)

REMARK: Other cities should replicate a Texas town’s plan to power all of its municipal operations by developing a solar farm on a former landfill, writes an editorial board. (Dallas Morning News)

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