Arnold grants exemption for a cold room in a gas station


Arnold’s businessman Mike Thakkar on Tuesday received approval from the city’s Zoning Hearing Board on a waiver application for his gas station/convenience store at 1610 Freeport Road.

Thakkar, representing Yashvi Oil LLC, applied for permission to construct a cold room that would extend outside the rear of the building to an adjacent property. The cooler would be entered from inside the store, but the frame would be outside the building.

The edge of the cooler would be 3 feet from the rear property line. Arnold’s rear setback order calls for 16 feet.

Thakkar withdrew a request for a waiver of Arnold’s off-street parking order.

Yashvi Oil was denied a restaurant license by the city council on October 11, which would have allowed Thakkar to obtain a special license to authorize the sale of alcohol.

A hearing to transfer the liquor license that had been set for Thursday was canceled. Thakkar told the zoning board on Tuesday that it will strictly have one gas station/convenience store. The location is the former site of Affordable Auto Service and for many years Donati & Johasky Gulf.

A compressor serving the chiller will be placed on the roof of the building.

Residents George Poole and David Duncan had questions regarding traffic and emergency accessibility.

Zoning Board Chairman Anthony “Butch” Sgaglio and Cheryl Williams voted to grant the waiver. The Arnold Zoning Hearing Panel is missing a third member following the death of Keith Dziobak.

Conditions attached to the decision include compliance with Arnold’s Uniform Building Code and all health code measures.

No target date for the store’s opening has been set, Thakkar said after the hearing, adding that the building will not be razed and only its interior will be altered and renovated.

George Guido is a contributing writer for Tribune-Review.


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