Armed robbers pounce on Chivi family, gas station, get away with nearly US$2,000


the herald

George Maponga in Masvingo

A gang of five unidentified armed robbers on Monday afternoon shot and seriously injured a businessman and his wife before plunging into a Petrotrade gas station at Chivi Growth point where they stole more than $1,500 in cash under the threat of a weapon.

The suspects had also stolen R3,000 from Mr Jerifanos Tsikira, a prominent businessman at Shokoni business center near Chivi Growth point, after shooting and wounding him and his wife to force the couple to hand over more money. silver.

Tsikira (69) was shot in the thigh while his wife Polite Tsikira (58) was hit in the right ankle after the suspects jumped on their home around 1pm.

According to police, Tsikira, who initially handed over only US$30 to the suspects, also handed over an additional US$270 to the armed robbers after being shot in the thigh.

The suspects also stole the couple’s cell phones and demanded the keys to their Honda Fit vehicle which was parked at the house. They reportedly got into the vehicle and rushed towards Chivi Growth, leaving their victims seriously injured.

Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa, spokesman for the Masvingo Provincial Police, said when they arrived at the growth point around 2 p.m. the suspects allegedly drove the stolen Honda Fit to a Petrotrade gas station posing as for real customers.

A gas station attendant, Reason Chigaba (50) approached them thinking they wanted to fill up their car.

When Chigaba allegedly approached, one of the five suspects pulled out a gun and pointed at him demanding money. The suspect allegedly drove Chigaba to the checkout while his accomplices remained in the car.

Chigaba’s two co-workers, who were inside the office, were ordered by the suspect to lie down on the floor.

The unknown suspect opened an unlocked crate and took out US$1520. He also took an additional US$130 and the mobile phones of Chigaba’s two co-workers who were lying on the floor.

The suspects then fled from the growth point in their getaway vehicle.

A report was made to the Chivi police station which witnessed both scenes.

Inspector Dhewa has warned businessmen against keeping large sums of cash in their homes, saying they risk losing their hard-earned money to criminals.


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