Approved Petrol Station, Starbucks and Technical Offices – Toombul Road, Northgate


A development application has been approved for a petrol station, fast food restaurant and research and technology industry, located at 185 Toombul Road, Northgate.

Designed by Verve, the Approval retains the existing Approved Service Station approved in 2020 overlooking Toombul Road and integrates with an existing brick building retained for office purposes at the rear of the site (south west). Two new stand-alone buildings will be constructed on the site, to provide a unique mixed-use development.

A drive-thru fast food outlet (shown as Starbucks in the plans filed) will occupy the corner of Toombul Road and Holland Street, a new office building will be built along Holland Street. The four stand-alone buildings will each occupy a corner of the site, with driveways and parking in the center.

To facilitate redevelopment, Approved Development has already secured approval and demolished the historically known Northgate Foundry building which has occupied the space fronting Toombul Road since the 1950s.

The site does not connect Hamilton Street to Holland Street which is a clear requirement of the Banyo-Northgate Neighborhood Plan and this local connection will now be considered for adjacent industrial sites along Holland Street if they continue to be refurbished in the future.

Development details
– Service station (193m² of GFA)
– Forecourt (4 pumps) Fuel Canopy
– Starbucks (food and drink) (200 m² of GFA)
– Building (Rental 3) Research and Tech (600m²)
– Building (Rental 4) Research and Tech (540m²)
– Landscaping (1,547 m²)
– Waterproof Area 6,442m²)
– Opening hours (undisclosed)

A new shared driveway to Holland Street and Toombul Road will provide access to co-located land uses on the site. The new internal maneuvering area will allow access to each new land use.

Service station (Rental 1)
– New fuel canopy on 8 fuel dispensers
– Shared loading bay
– Gas Station / GFA Shop 193m²
– 12 parking spaces provided
– Border landscaping
– Access from/to Toombul Road
– Provisions relating to internal access

Starbucks (rental 2)
– Gross floor area 200 m²
– One level and a maximum height of 5.5m
– Outdoor outdoor space
– Provision for a single lane (10 places of cars in queue)
– Pedestrian path towards the road to Holland
– Shared parking spaces provided
– Shared loading bay
– Edge landscaping.

Building (Rental 3)
– GFA office building 600m²
– 2 floors
– Ground floor courtyard
– Footpath to Holland Road
– Shared parking spaces provided
– Shared loading bay
– Edge landscaping.

Building (Rental 4)
– GFA office building 540m²
– 2 floors
– Awning on the ground floor
– A pedestrian path to the rear building
– Shared parking spaces provided
– Shared loading bay
– Edge landscaping.

Eighty-six (86) parking spaces (four (4) PWD spaces), eight (8) fuel pump spaces are provided, including an air/water bay. The project provides two separate access locations to Toombul Road and provides an internal maneuvering area. The proposal seeks to maintain the current vehicular access location at Holland Street with an access lane for all trips.

The planners of Urban Planning Alliance State, “The proposed establishments on the site will support the intent of the specialist center area by providing new research and technology industry uses and a food outlet in addition to the existing service station that will serve the basin. immediate slope in accordance with the objective of the zone. The associated subdivision is proposed to separate the service station with the associated reciprocal easements”.

The proposal is for 1,533 m² of gross floor area (GFA) on the 7,994 m² site.

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Application information and references
– Filing date: October 27, 2021
– Date of approval: June 29, 2022
– Accreditation Council Reference: A005868233
– Address: 185 Toombul Road, Northgate
– Zone: Specialized Center Zone (Mixed Industry and Commerce)
– Neighborhood: Banyo-Northgate neighborhood map
– Candidacy report: Urban planning alliance
– Design drawings: Verve
– Landscape drawings: 02LA
– Interactive image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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