A14 Wherstead gas station with approved McDonald’s drive-thru


The project to build a new A14 gas station with a McDonald’s restaurant at the wheel has received the final green light.

A map of what a gas station, drive-through restaurant and associated store might look like on land near Bobbit’s Lane in Wherstead, off the A14 near Ipswich Photo: CAMPBELL DRIVER PARTNERSHIP ARCHITECTS / EURO GARAGES LIMITED

The Babergh District Council planning committee approved a request to build a drive-through restaurant for McDonald’s and a gas station on land north of Bobbit’s Lane in Wherstead in July.

Now the plans have received full planning permission, which means work can begin on the site at any time.

The request, presented by major service operators Euro Garages Ltd and Pigeon Investment Management Ltd, will also include improvements to the junction of the two teardrop-shaped roundabouts of the A137, near junction 56 of the A14, in more conventional circular shapes.

Changes to reduce the speed limit, there from 60 mph to 40 mph, are also planned.

Jane Gould, Babergh District Council for Orwell Ward.  Photo: SU ANDERSON

Jane Gould, Babergh District Council for Orwell Ward. Photo: SU ANDERSON

MORE: Decision made on new McDonald’s drive-thru as speed limit changes unveiled. The development is expected to create around 20 full-time and 40 part-time jobs.

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At the board meeting in July, Matthew Wyatt, agent on behalf of the developers, said Euro Garages operates well over 4,000 service stations in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US.

He said most of the traffic using the site would be passing vehicles.

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“The request includes transportation improvements, including the replacement of substandard roundabouts, which will increase capacity, thereby reducing congestion.”

Orwell District Councilor Jane Gould said: “As a Neighborhood Councilor, I spoke at the planning committee meeting and took the same position as the Wherstead Parish Council. , which involved raising objections to the request on the grounds of the cumulative impact on the villagers of Wherstead. .

“I’m not on the planning committee and therefore I don’t have a vote.

“I think the only material consideration that could have been raised to oppose the request was that of the cumulative impact.

“As a Green Party District Councilor, I believe the planning system needs to be reformed to allow planning committees to reject plans that encourage the use of fossil fuel vehicles.

“As a climate and ecological crisis has been declared, we need our actions to reflect the crisis in which the planet finds itself. “


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