4,400 L of “illicit fuel” seized at unlicensed gas station


A joint agency task force made up of authorities on both sides of the Northern Irish border have seized 4,400 L of ‘illicit fuel’, a fuel tank and equipment from an unlicensed gas station in recent days .

The task force – which focused on rural crime – was made up of members of the Northern Ireland Police Service and An Garda Síochána.

In a statement on the matter on Friday, July 30, PSNI officers from the Fermanagh-Omagh Division said:

“During today [Friday], officers from Neighborhood and Local Police Teams and Tactical Support Groups from Fermanagh, Omagh, South Armagh, Derry City and Strabane worked alongside our colleagues from An Garda Síochána and partner agencies as part of our joint agency working group operation focusing on rural crime.

Image source: PSNI

“With colleagues from HMRC, we went to a room in Newry which operated as an unlicensed gas station.

Approximately 4,400 L of suspected illegal fuel, two sets of commercial pumps and a 12,000 L fuel tank were seized.

“We have carried out 84 authorized vehicle checks and a number of roadside breath tests which we are pleased to have tested negative and seized a vehicle suspected of a number of infractions.

“We searched nine vehicles and six people suspected of drug offenses, recovering and disposing of small amounts of drugs.

In the Newry region, we were also able to locate and arrest a man wanted under an arrest warrant.

Apologizing for causing “temporary delays,” the PSNI statement concluded by stating:

“These operations will continue in the weeks and months to come as we work together to prevent cross-border crime and disrupt the movement and activity of organized crime gangs.”


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