Travel insurance costs tens of crowns and protects you from inconvenience in case something happens to you abroad. Some banks even give it to credit cards for free.


Keep an eye on insurance limits

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In this case, however, always study what the insurance covers on the card. Also, be aware of the limits of indemnity. You may find that if something serious happens to you, the insurance on the card will not cover medical expenses.

Your doctor will also provide you with the necessary care in state institutions of the European Union and several other countries (eg Turkey) on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card. I mean the cards that everyone probably wears in their wallets.

However, the card does not replace travel insurance. So you have to pay the procedures yourself to the doctors, the insurance company will pay them when you return. Also, consider that you may want to participate.


The assistance service will help with communication

The assistance service will help with communication

If you only have an insurance card, you also lose assistance. This is a service that is part of most travel insurance. Thanks to him you know where to go. It will also help you communicate with your local doctors. Always have the telephone number for the assistance service with you.

Always make sure that your insurance assistance service includes. In addition, arrange insurance of medical expenses for a minimum of 1 250 0000 crowns and liability insurance for damage to property and health to a minimum of 500 000 crowns.


Customize the insurance by destination

Customize the insurance by destination

In some cases, this basic insurance is sufficient. However, if you are planning an adrenaline vacation, you should also pay accident and risky sports insurance.

If you carry expensive things in your suitcases, do not forget to include additional luggage. If you are afraid that you will not go anywhere, you can arrange additional insurance for cancellation fees and unused roads.


You are responsible for the drunken injury yourself

You are responsible for the drunken injury yourself

Also, carefully review insurance exclusions. Most often these are:

  • alcohol or other drug injuries,
  • self-injury,
  • chronic disease,
  • acts associated with pregnancy.

In this case, the insurance company will not reimburse you for medical expenses.

And even if you arrange quality travel insurance, be careful on your holiday, so you do not have to use it at all.