There are a number of situations that will make you an unconscious debtor . The most common are:

  • breakup with the indebted spouse,
  • inheritance of debts from deceased parents,
  • An indebted child who no longer lives with you but has a permanent residence with you ,
  • Setting up a new bank account without deactivating the old bank account that the bank continues to charge.
  • Termination of the contract with the insurance company that you forgot to pay the outstanding premium,
  • a forgotten fine,
  • guarantee for an old loan to a friend,
  • failure to issue a standing order when changing a bank,
  • Change of residence, which did not make you aware of debt information
  • stolen or falsified documents for which someone has borrowed.


Unfortunately, there is no single register in the Czech Republic where a potential borrower could look and see how he is doing. Therefore, you need to try more options to verify.


Start with BONUS

Start with BONUS

An important register of debtors is BONUS – an association for the protection of leasing and consumer loans. Its members include all operators, large Czech banks and energy giant E.ON – if you owe any of these institutions, you will appear on the list of debtors.

Unfortunately, you cannot consult BONUS for free , but if you have a strong suspicion that you might owe one of the operators or the bank, it will pay off for those tens of crowns.


What about other registers?

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The Bank registers client information (CIBR), which even banks themselves use to verify the creditworthiness of their new clients. The Non-Banking Client Information Register (NRKI) is similar – it is used by leasing and credit companies.


Where to ask directly?

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Health insurance company, social security administration and transport company – ask the three institutions directly about any debts. It’ll take a few minutes.

Nor do you spoil anything by stopping at the District Court in your place of residence and requesting a listing of all civil proceedings against you. Then contact any creditors and settle the debt with them directly.

You do not need to undergo the process regularly year after year. But if you suspect that you might owe somewhere, treat this article as a checklist. If you go through it all and you are not in charge as a debtor in any place, then you have (hopefully) won .