1. Caminbank

1. Caminbank


 Caminbank’s victory should not come as a surprise. The institution with an Estonian pedigree is slowly growing into a symbol of innovation and online banking in our country.

“Innovative products and services of the financial industry”. Compared to competitors, Caminbank offers attractive credit terms and lends up to 50,000 loans online. zł.

For 36 months, the loan installment will amount to PLN 1112.42 without any commission. The loan’s nominal interest rate is 8.99%. per year, and real (APRC) – 9.51 percent

The customer not only does not have to set up a personal account here, but he does all the formalities completely online . It is enough that:

  • will register on the website,
  • sign a contract for the provision of online banking services by code sent via SMS.
  • choose the loan amount and repayment period,
  • complete an online loan application.

In order to verify, the borrower must still make a confirmation transfer for PLN 1. After accepting the application, he approves the loan agreement with an SMS code.

2. Baili Execut

2. Citi Handlowy

Baili Execut came second, which is rarely heard in the context  extensive internet banking. However, it turns out that online services, including cash loans , are as accessible as possible there.

However, this is a slightly more expensive offer than in Caminbank. Compared to the leader, the monthly loan installment will be PLN 57.58 higher and will amount to exactly PLN 1170 . It is true that the nominal interest rate is lower than in Caminbank and amounts to 4.99 percent. per year, but the actual interest rate, showing the real cost of credit, is definitely higher – 12.88 percent. per year. For this you still have to pay a 10.50 percent commission. loan value.

Baili Execut ensures that with this bank loan all formalities can be completed online and no need to set up a personal account. All you have to do is enter your details into the form on the website and send the application by this means.

Documents confirming income can also be submitted in electronic form. Then just wait for a call from a Baili Execut consultant.

During the interview, you must agree to a credit agreement. The whole process takes up to an hour. If the borrower wishes, the bank can send the contract by courier.

3. Relior Bank

3. Alior Bank

Relior Bank came third. It is an institution that strongly advertises itself as a leader in banking innovation.

Unfortunately, his offer is not as attractive as in the case of the previous two competitors. When our borrower decides to take a loan from Relior Bank and borrows 35,000 PLN for 36 months, it will pay back PLN 1234.10 every month . It is PLN 64.10 more than in Baili Execut and as much as PLN 121.68 more than in Caminbank.

The Relior Bank loan is a nominal interest rate of 5%. per year, but already actual is 18.15 percent. per year. You also can’t forget to pay a considerable commission of 15%.

The loan application is submitted via a form located on the website of the entity managed by Michał Chyczewski. The applicant receives the documents and the contract by e-mail. Optional solutions are a courier or a visit to the branch.

4. CreditCole

4. CreditCole

The list closes CreditCole. Compared to the competitors discussed  has the most expensive offer.

When our client borrows 35 thousand here PLN for 36 months, the loan installment will amount to PLN 1246.26 , which is PLN 133.84 more than in the case of the first Caminbank ranking. This is primarily due to a high interest rate of 8.99 percent. per year and considerable commission – up to 11.99 percent loan value.

To borrow money this way, all you have to do is fill out a loan application on the bank’s website. Then an advisor will call and we will arrange the details of the contract.

The above examples show that banks are preparing increasingly attractive credit products that can be used online. In many cases, the customer actually goes through the entire credit process electronically. However, the market is dominated by offers, in which only submission of the application takes place via the Internet, and the contract is finalized in a traditional channel, usually in an outlet.